Hour 4 Update

We just finished four hours of readathoning.  I haven't done much actual reading.  I don't know.  Nervous excitement or something, I guess.  Or I just haven't found the right book.  I have, however, posted some great pictures on Instagram!  And I've been commenting on several blogs.  And chatting a lot with Andi.

I've been keeping a log of what's been going on.

7:00--My official start time.  I climb out of bed about three minutes 'til and do about ten minutes of yoga.  Then I make coffee.  Then I write my intro post.  Take a few pictures.  Read a few blog posts and leave some comments.  I'll get to reading once I've woken up.

8:17--Thus it is 8:21 and I've read three pages from two different books, and I am creating this log for the day.  The deep rumblings in my stomach tell me it's time to eat soon.  I wish fervently that I had some of Andi's breakfast casserole.  No such luck.  Dorothy Parker and I will venture downstairs to scout out the breakfast situation.

9:13--I finished breakfast (ham and cheddar omelette, grape juice, and a banana [for good measure]) and am ready to finally start reading.  Up first--The Portable Dorothy Parker.  At least the introduction to it...

10:24--I finished reading the intro.  Then I took a short power nap until 10:00.  I ventured downstairs to eat some cookie dough (thanks mom!).  Then I doodled a bit online.  People are tweeting about the readathon faster than I can keep up!  I shall attempt to read "Big Blonde" by Parker, then I really want to sink my teeth into something rather grand and sweeping, which probably means Dickens though he wasn't on my grab list.  I should probably put away all the books I've pulled...
Then I read...

10:46--More doodling about online.  I tried "Big Blonde," but I am just not feeling it.  I'll set aside Dorothy for a while.  Really I am just kind of dreading calling my boss at 11:00 to see if I need to come in because I just don't feel ready to work the floor.  I haven't really been trained!

11:00--I am going in.  At 1:00.  Trial by fire.  I called and my boss asked me if I wanted to come in, which means you need to come in or look like not a team player.  Honestly, he'd probably be OK if I had said no, but I'm really trying to do everything that is asked of me so that I look good.  (Plus if I keep working over 32 hours a week on average, I'll get insurance, which I would love)  I warned him that I'm really not familiar with the products yet.  He said he didn't care (in a nice way).  So maybe I'll just wind up observing and learning at first, then I'll take a couple of customers by myself.  Hopefully.  Now it's 11:38 and I need to eat lunch at some point, get dressed, and maybe do a bit of reading (so I'll probably totally get wrapped up in a book literally minutes before I have to put it down to go in!).  If nothing else, hopefully I'll come back from work ready to read!

Happy reading, y'all!  See you this evening!


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