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Trish came up with the excellent idea of having a lot of people write a Day in the Life post and link up around the same time.  I love doing this kind of thing because I think it's interesting to see how other people manage their time and how I manage my time.  I've never been successful at actually recording the entire day, but I actually pulled it off this time!  I do not have a lot of pictures because I don't usually take a lot of pictures and also at one point I had four devices charging, so there was no way to take any pictures...then I forgot.

6:30--First alarm goes off.  Nope, not happening.

6:45--Second alarm.  Nah...

7:00--Third alarm.  Maybe a few more minutes...

7:03--I grudgingly get up so I don't fall back asleep--I have stuff to do today!--and put on my yoga clothes.

7:15--Start Detox Yoga video.

7:40--Head downstairs to wait for mom to get ready to walk.  Stare zombie-like at the TV, which is playing SportsCenter, wishing I had gotten up earlier so I could have had coffee before my jog.

7:50--Alert mom to upcoming Top Plays so she can see them.  I really don't understand why she likes watching them.  We usually gripe about how they aren't that good.

8:00--Head out.

8:16--Rejoin mom and finish her walk with her as a part of my cool-down.

8:34--Eat a banana and wait until Coffee! Is! Ready!

Drink coffee.  Mess on computer.

Write several blog posts and schedule them (who AM I?!).

I'm kind of embracing my uncle's really light breakfast, then an early big lunch philosophy.  Decide to go to Chipotle for lunch.

10:20--Head upstairs to get dressed.

10:42--Stomach says, "Give me Chipotle now or I cut you!"

10:46--Begin this log while waiting to leave for Chipotle.

10:52--Leave.  Decide it's a Sinatra kind of day.

11:02--Wonder if I will ever be able to hear "The Way You Look Tonight"--a song I love and the song I had always mentally reserved as mine and my papa's dance at a future hypothetical wedding--without tearing up.

11:15--Chipotle in hand, I reflect on how happy and how not lonely I am in Tulsa.

11:20--Arrive home.  Reflect on how wonderfully sore I am; embrace it--I did something today that I couldn't do yesterday.

Lunch and reading material

Select books to donate to senior center library.

Decide to subscribe to Runner's World and take the card down to the mailbox.

1:20--After doing various and sundry housekeeping items (calling bank, tossing bad meat, packing lunch) I get ready to read Moby-Dick on the porch for a while.

2:20--Head to Starbucks for an iced coffee and free pastry.  I'll read until my friend maybe, hopefully, joins me.
Loving the sunshine

4:00--Work!  I am assigned active customer service for the evening.

6:15--Take my lunch break a little late.  I eat the salad I brought and buy  cup of tortilla soup from the cafe.  Read the book I just bought--Food:  A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan.  It's hilarious!

7:45--Talk to a manager about jogging.  I think she will be a great person to bounce ideas off of.  She also says I have a runner's physique, which felt pretty nice to hear.


10:50--Left work.  Nothing super interesting happened, so I won't go into the details of my night.

11:00--Home.  I need a small snack before bed.  I really hope that the small breakfast, then two larger meals doesn't lead to evening snacking.  We shall see...

11:30--After reading for a bit, I turn off the light and go to bed, resolved to get up at 7:00 in the morning.

So sorry there aren't more pictures.  I kept meaning to take a picture of my outfit, but it just kept not happening.  I am awful at remembering to take pictures!

It wasn't a totally normal, normal day.  I don't think I really have those, to be honest.  I work retail, so sometimes I work early, sometimes I work late, sometimes on my days off I bum around the house or visit my grandma or visit my friends.  But this was the kind of day that I love having.  It's the kind of day that is so like my old self that just got shit done, but kind of fell by the wayside during a funk that lasted a few years too long...though I have been having more good days like this, so I think it will become the new normal.


  1. Yay for good days! Except I have to say...Moby-Dick? Really?? (Sorry, it's one of my least favorite books.) Runner's World is a great mag, though...I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Enjoyed reading about your 'day'! Hey, you had pictures of the good stuff - Chipotle's and Starbucks. I'm with Jillora on Moby Dick though. LOL

  3. Now I have a Chipotle craving!!!

  4. Great post! Now you have Chipotle and Starbucks stuck in my head. :-)

  5. It sounds like you had a great day! I always feel better when I am able to get my work out in. It makes me feel so much better. You have made me crave Chipotle. I haven't tried the new one that just opened not too far from my house . . . Hmm. Thank you for sharing your day with us!

  6. Cool that you've found a way to live that doesn't feel lonely and that's giving you ways to experiment with fitness and healthy eating.

  7. I get you with that snooze button!! It kills me waking up so early. And retail life, it's a weird one! But an interesting one too.

  8. Awwww. The Way You Look Tonight is the song that my husband and I danced to at our wedding. Hugs! Maybe future hub and you can share a special moment with it in dedication to your papa?

    And yes, that snooze button. I think like 99% of the bloggers who participated use the snooze button. LOL! thanks for participating! :)

    1. Ok, I'm an IDIOT!!! I just realized that you are Lori (I mean, duh--you said that), but I didn't realize you had changed your blog title. *headdesk*

  9. Moby Dick?? Are you a glutton for punishment?! Hubby is reading the Jim Gaffigan book and loving it, too. I'm going to grab it for my next book reading palate cleansing book.

  10. Looks like a beautiful afternoon to be reading outside at a cafe! Thanks for sharing your day.


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