An Experiment

During the Readathon I just couldn't truly get into a book.  I started a few.  I liked what I read.  But nothing stuck.  It wasn't that I didn't want to read the books I started--because I still want to finish them--I just wasn't able to commit.  I have been having that issue ever since the Readathon and quite honestly it happens every time I'm between books.  I flit around from book to book before one just grabs me and won't let me go until it's finished.  I've written about this before.  It's not a new thing.  Except after reading this article on BookRiot, I don't feel as bad about it.  It's not just me!  (The older I get, the more clearly I realize that very few situations in life are ever just me)

I'm going to do what the author of the article did--go to and use the random number generator to decide what book I'm going to read next.  But I'll also probably pull a Gilmore Girls and make it a 1, 2, 3 he's yours kind of deal, like so...

Then I will stick with that book until I finish.  I'll probably replace it with another on the list because I really like my list of books.

Here's a shot of my list of books.  I wound up with 13.  I am a little bit scared because that means it's probably going to be scary.

I was going to make it just 10 books, but I really didn't want to cut Gellhorn and The Receptionist, so I added them back and War and Peace was sitting there on my desk with the other books piled on top of it all "Hey, man, what about me?"  And I didn't want him to feel excluded.

Also we're going to pretend that Secrets of the Flesh is number 14 on the list.  For reasons.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the first roll from the random number generator:

The Good Soldier.  I will go with it!  For the record, I went ahead and generated the next two to play out the game and the results were Gellhorn and Breakfast of Champions.  Once I saw this, I almost went ahead and went for Breakfast of Champions, but I didn't screenshot the result for Gellhorn and there was no way you'd believe me if I just told you without any proof.

It's kind of funny.  I bought The Good Solider when I was a junior in college and that's when my book buying and lack of reading got out of control.  Literally right after I bought this book.  So maybe if I finish this then maybe the evil spell will be broken and I'll get my reading shit together.  A girl can dream.

So I'm off to start The Good Soldier.  Fortunately, Monday is a night that there are no shows that interest me on, so I won't be tempted to watch instead of read.  I may even take a bubble bath.


  1. I want to get started on a Trollope book, but after that I may go for this idea! I'm in such a rut right now (and I've just written the worst review I have ever written in my life) - I need an awesome, exciting book that I can be thrilled about!.

  2. If I didn't love you already, the 1,2, 3... He's Yours reference just sealed the deal!


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