Five on Friday

In revamping my blog, I thought this might be a fun post to do each week--Five on Friday. Five things that have been going on with me or that I want to talk about. It doesn't have to be super cohesive, so long as I come up with five things. Surely I can do that!

1. Keurig Mixology--I got a Keurig for Christmas. Best gift ever! I love coffee. And I love how I can make great cups of coffee in no time flat. After unboxing the Keurig, I ordered a 40 pod variety pack and a box of chai latte pods. When I tried the chai pods, I noticed that they were way sweeter than I really like. But I had 24 of them, so I didn't want them to go to waste. I've been pairing two chai pods with one coffee pod to make a dirty chai. Works like a charm. That said--anyone have any suggestions on brands of chai latte pods that aren't overly sweet?

2. Ravioli--Last night I made ravioli for the first time. This was also a Christmas gift. It was a lot of fun. Kind of messy. A lot of work, but the results will totally be worth the effort. I made lasagna for Christmas with homemade noodles and it was so satisfying to have made my own noodles. We're going to make a ground beef ravioli tonight. Can't wait!

3. Catana Calendar--I love the Catana Comics. The vast majority of them remind me of me and my boyfriend. Here's one example of an exchange that might actually take place between Steve and me:

For 2017, we kept a wall calendar in the kitchen for events that everyone needed to know about (choir concerts, work engagements, etc.) and one in the bedroom for my personal stuff (lunch with my parents, major deadlines for school, etc.). It worked really well. Except I didn't get any calendars for Christmas this year! So I had to pick my own. I ordered a Catana Comics calendar for the kitchen for 2018 and I am so excited for it to arrive!

4. White Russians--Steve and I have been on a major White Russian kick lately. He's usually pretty steady on the Bud Light and I go through various moods--wine, bourbon, hot toddy, dirty martinis, on and on and on for a variety of drinks. But we can agree on White Russians. They're really easy to make (ice, vodka, Kahlua, and a little bit of milk or cream) and they taste great. I think it's fun to drink the same thing together. Dorky, but whatever. This is my blog.

5. Fried Green Tomatoes--Not the food. The book by Fannie Flagg. I've been thinking about the book quite a bit lately. Such a great story with amazingly rendered characters. I purchased a copy and it's supposed to arrive today. Not that I much have time to read right now. But I try. :)

Well, there's my five on Friday. Can't wait to see what I come up with for next week. What's going on in your corner of the world?


  1. Oh God, how I love white Russians!

  2. White Russians make me think of the movie The Big Lebowski. Great drink! I like yoour ravioli maker too.


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