It's been over thirteen months since I last posted in this space.  Rather than run through the myriad reasons of why, trying to make excuses, I'm just going to skip right back into writing about whatever I want to write about.  I've missed this space more and more over the last few weeks, so I'm back at it, with the hopes of crafting something that really makes me happy and is me.

Time and Place:  10:06am, sitting on the love seat in the living room.  The house is mostly quiet, except for the sound of the dryer going.  I have the front door and the back sliding door open, listening to the sounds of the birds outside as I type.

Loving:  Being at home.  I've been out of school for about a month and I haven't done anything and it has been wonderful!  I can finally breathe and relax.  I can really enjoy the house we've been living in since November--and get around to those annoying organizing tasks I've been putting off.  :)  It's so nice to have a space and to be able to make it our own.

Seeking:  A way to get my tomato plant back on course.  I can't tell if I'm over-watering or under-watering, but it looks like hell.  Any thoughts?

Craving:  Some time to chill at the pool this afternoon.  I know we're at the pool quite a lot, but it doesn't feel like we're ever there enough to really get to chill and relax and read.

Destroying:  Nothing really.  I've really just been trying to take it easy--not put too much pressure on myself to do anything.  Maybe my reading list.  I was on quite a streak during May.  I hope to keep it up.

Cherishing:  Hanging out on the back porch with Steve in the evenings, having a nightcap.  It's starting to stay warmer in the evening, so we're able to sit outside pretty late.  We'll turn on the radio, get lost in our own thoughts, and just chill.  I love our porch--it was a total mess for quite a while because the previous occupants left a bunch of pallets that covered half of the porch.  We bought some plants, a little fountain, and a patio set--it's Heavenly!

Cooking:  Uh...nothing in the past several days.  This was a hectic weekend, so I didn't plan on cooking at all.  I haven't had the time to go to the grocery store because we keep going from one thing to another, so we really don't even have anything to cook.  I should probably get on that.

Playing:  The classic rock station.  I guess this isn't entirely me playing it, because I don't know how to work the radio at the pool, but I am loving having that going in the background all day.  I don't think I've heard any songs on repeat yet!

Eating:  More pasta than I probably should.  But that's one of the few things we actually do have the in the house that can be whipped up quickly.  I've been toning it down though and using simple ingredients with it--like pesto and some fresh parmesan or some butter and red pepper flakes.

Hating:  The thought of having to email the people I said I'd do an unpaid internship with this summer.  Part of it is that I just don't want to--even at only 10-15 hours per week.  Part of it is that I'm kind of embarrassed because school has been out for a month and I've been putting it off this whole time because I really would rather enjoy life than answer phones.

Anticipating:  All of the books I'm going to read this summer!  I've decided that I'm going to get a library card and I'm nerdily excited about it.  One of the ladies that goes to the pool recently checked out a book that looked really interesting.  I'm broke, so I need to not keep buying books.  So--library.

Collecting:  Recipes.  Despite regularly putting off going to the grocery store, I have a ton of recipes to try.  I have been putting them in a three-ring binder so I can organize them, write on them, and throw away the ones that don't work out.

Celebrating:  Summer!  I love that it's finally here.  I love the freedom.  I love the relaxation.  I love the food.  I love everything about it.  It's had been feeling pretty inspired lately.


  1. Your tomato needs a bigger pot and a cage for it to grow up supported in. In a pot, you'll probably need to water it pretty much every day but just enough to keep it damp. So happy that you're so happy!


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