Top Ten Books on My Spring TBR List

I am soooooo happy it's almost springtime!  I hate the cold, snow, and other winter weather indicators.  I'm a hot weather kind of girl.  My favorite part of the warming weather is heading outside to read.  I've found a great spot for myself this year--sitting on the front porch with a book and a cold beverage.  And I can't wait to add baseball as some background noise...

My happy reading spot.
I FINALLY finished this book, by the way, so I need to review it.

This week for Top Ten Tuesday, we're thinking about the books we'd like to read this spring.  Here are my choices:

1.  Light in August by William Faulkner  I've been making pretty good headway on this book...but at this point I can only read it sitting outside.  I can't explain it.  There's just something about Faulkner and being outside.  I love it though.  Lots of beautiful passages.

2.  Travels with Myself and Another by Martha Gellhorn  I've been reading this one already as well.  I've been fighting the travel/adventure bug lately.  This has helped tame it in some ways, but has also made it worse in others.  For instance, I rode a camel yesterday because the opportunity presented itself.

3.  Hotel Florida by Amanda Vaill  Since I'm already reading a book BY Martha Gellhorn, I may as well read a book about her.  This one describes her time in Spain with Hemingway.  It will probably make the travel/adventure bug worse...

4.  Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells  I reread a book by Wells pretty much every spring and/or summer.  I love how vividly she creates a place and time and I love these characters.  Definitely comfort reading.

5.  Twee:  The Gentle Revolution in Music, Books, Television, Fashion, and Film by Marc Spitz  One of my favorite things about working at a bookstore is all of the super random books I find on a regular basis (my paycheck, on the other hand, does not love this).  I came across this book one day and immediately bought it.  This seems like good spring reading.

6.  A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving  I've been thinking about this book a lot lately.  Seems like a good time to read it.

7.  A Time to Kill by John Grisham  This will be good reading as I begin to prepare for the LSAT, which I think I'm taking in June.

8.  Gilead by Marilynne Robinson  I've only read a few pages of this novel, but I think that springtime will be a prefect time to read it.  I've heard that there are a lot of lovely prose passages and beautiful prose and spring just blend so well...

9.  Land of Love and Drowning by Tiphanie Yanique  I keep picking this one up.  I think if I would just devote a couple of days to it, I would fly through.  This is my plan.

10.  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith  Another one I reread almost every year.  Something about the story is just perfect for reading in the warmer months.  The book is so much about a love of reading and spring is when I most feel my simple, but intense love of reading.

There you have it.  What is on your spring reading list?


  1. Great list! I'm also rejoicing that spring & warmer weather are here! How cool that you had a random opportunity to ride a camel? Here's my TTT. Happy reading!

  2. What lovely books to reread - A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN, LITTLE ALTARS EVERYWHERE (haven't thought about those books for years) and I loved A TIME TO KILL. Wonderful list. Good luck with it!

  3. Oh how I loved Gilead. I read it very slowly so I could just soak it up. I have never read any of Wells' books except Divine Secrets Which I loved. So why haven't I read any more of her books. If they're worth rereading then I guess it's time I pick them up and read them at least once.

    1. DO IT! I love the books about the Ya-Yas. The are really simple, but they just make you feel good. And they make you want a bloody Mary. Just sayin'.

  4. You obviously forgot to include a reread of Gone with the Wind May 1 through August 1, which I am hosting. :) (Being silly, but sincerely, you'd be quite welcome, fellow Gone with the Wind reader! This is formerly Mabel, formerly Marianne, and I forget what other pen names.)

    1. :O YES!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOO IN! I haven't reread GWTW in ages and have so been wanting to! I didn't know you had changed identities again, so I am glad I re-found you. :)

    2. Yay!! I knew you'd play!! :D xx


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