My Wild-Inspired Hike

Yesterday I reposted a review of Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  I mentioned that that book made me want to go on a hike.  I did it.  I hit a local trail for a hike.  It wasn't a long trail, but I had a great time.  So much so that I am going back later this week with a friend.

Here are some of my pictures and thoughts along the way.

The day I set out to hike was going to be a bit cooler than earlier in the week.  The high was only going to be in the low 60s, but it was my only free day remaining for that week, so I went for it.  But first I needed to stop and get some supplies.  Namely a sketchbook and a certain novel...

And some lunch.

I have hiked this trail a number of times and the last time I did, I stopped and read for a while on a rock, hence bringing a book along.  Oddly enough, this time I didn't see the rock, but my route was slightly different, so maybe it was on the other path.

I packed all of my stuff in my yoga bag because it has good pockets and is lightweight.  I brought my flip flops with me on the off-chance that I had some sort of mishap and lost a hiking boot or two.  :)

Obviously my hike was going to be nowhere near as strenuous, exciting, or breathtaking as Strayed's, but I couldn't wait to get going.

My mom offered some useful advice for my adventure.

The map the visitors' center provided was not the most easily deciphered.  I meant to take the more difficult course the first time around, but in my haste to quickly bypass some women with children (loud, but having a good time!) I took the easier route.  I quickly decided that I would take both routes--the second after lunch.  This suited me and my stomach just fine.


There were some benches along the way.  I vowed to stop at all of them.  Not because I was tired, but out of gratitude for some unknown thoughtful person who put them along the way for reflection.  I wrote this bit at the first wooden bench, overlooking a stream or creek below.

I finished the trail.  I didn't actually come across more benches.  Mostly because I took the rugged "bluff trail" when the trail split again.  But that was good too.  Naturally, survival wasn't on my mind, but when I was working that hard and trying to follow the not so well marked trail, I didn't have the capacity to think of anything else.

I did not wind up going to the bat cave my mom mentioned in the text.  But I passed by it.  I wish I had gotten pictures that gave a better sense of the "bluff trail."  There were a lot of rocks and uneven footing.  I frequently had to steady myself on a rock while I climbed through a narrow, uneven passageway.  It was a great workout.  And it was absolutely beautiful.

I returned to my car.  Ate lunch.  MacGyvered open my bottle of Coke using scissors that I found in my vehicle in the absence of a bottle opener.  I had a pounding headache that was not food or caffeine related, so I decided to head home and come back another day.

I had a lot of fun.  I hope that I can go fairly regularly this spring and summer.


  1. Really awesome! Sounds like fun, I'd love to do the same at a trail around where I live.

  2. Sounds like a great time but the mom in me is screaming "what the hell, what if something had happened to you and no one knew exactly where you were???" I'll try to keep her quieter the next time you post about a hike.

  3. Aww, this looks like so much fun! I haven't read Wild yet, but just looking at it on my bookshelf makes me want to go out and hike! Can't wait for summer when I'm out of the city and can go hiking/camping regularly. I'm glad you had a good time!


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