31 March 2015

To the Lightpost--3/31/15

Note:  Yes, I know.  I've missed logging a few runs (and I've also missed a few runs for various reasons, including hellacious allergies).  I did happen to take notes over this particular run, so I'm writing a post after the fact.

It was 60 degrees when I set out this morning.  I wore some capri pants and a tank.

This was my first run using the armband I bought to hold my cell phone so I can listen to some music.  On Sunday I decided to go for a very long walk, which included all of the culs-des-sacs and hills in my neighborhood and I listened to music the whole time.  It was nice.  For safety, I keep the music turned down really low and I run facing the traffic.

On this particular jaunt, I did more actual running than ever before.  Not by a whole lot, but I am liking how it's becoming easier with each run.  (Unfortunately, I've had to take well over a week off, so I don't know how much I'll have backslid by the time I actually go run again)

I met my mom for a cooldown.

I didn't do any yoga before going out.  I didn't notice any difference in how I felt, which is good.  But I think I would like to do yoga before my runs, just because that is more movement.

It feels like that was a pretty bare post.  This is why I should make an effort to post immediately after I run, not a week and a half later.  Oh, well.  Life marches on.

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