23 March 2015

To the Lightpost--3/23/15

While yesterday's jog went well, I think today's went even better!

I got up at 7:00 and did a Detox Yoga video from an instructor I found on Youtube.  It was a really good video.  About 20 minutes.  And one of the main things I liked was that the instructor didn't hold you up on one side for an inordinate amount of time to explain things.  I feel like 20 minute videos are a good place for me to start a regular practice.  Eventually, I would LOVE to do one of the longer yoga for weightloss videos.  Eventually...

After I did that, I went downstairs.  I ran into my mom and asked when she'd be leaving for her walk.  I told her that I would start out when she did.  This worked like a dream!

We did a brisk walk to the lightpost, then I took off.  In some way, I can't quite put my finger on it, today seemed easier than yesterday.  When I set out, it was about 50*, so I wore some capris, tanks, and a light jacket.  I wound up keeping the jacket on the entire time.  It was early enough that I didn't feel the need to wear sunglasses, which made breathing a lot easier and was wayyyyy less annoying!

I don't know if I ran more than I did yesterday, but it seemed easier while I did it.  So that's a good thing.

I saw my mom on the way back and made her my final mark to run to.  She was a perfect mark because she was moving towards me, so the distance narrowed as she kept moving.  :)

I decided to join her for the rest of her walk as a way of extending my cool-down walk part.  I read an article in Runner's World last night that said the best thing was to simply move more because your calorie intake would level itself off based on your exercise.  One of the suggestions was to make your cool-down longer.  I am really glad I adopted this suggestion!  I think I will try to run while my mom walks in the future because it's a good way to get me out the door.

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