23 March 2015

Friday Night Lights Reading Adventure

I don't know how or why, but for some reason I am a little bit in love with Friday Night Lights.  It reminds me so much of my high school.  I was a trainer for the football team for a couple of years, so I was right in the middle of a lot of what was going on.  I swear, our coach was Coach Taylor--dressed like him from the visor to the white socks.  The team wasn't good at all, but in retrospect, that doesn't really matter.

Back in August, a writer for BookRiot made a list of the Top Ten Literary References on Friday Night Lights.  Many of the ones on the list are books I'd genuinely like to read.  This got me thinking...there aren't many literary references on the show, but why not go through episode by episode and read the books referenced?  My buddy Bear from Connecticut is doing that with Gilmore Girls, so I thought I would do something a little less ambitious and a bit closer to my home.

First up on the list is Moby-Dick by Herman Melville.

Julie is the one reading it. I couldn't find a better picture.
My Google skills have deteriorated since quitting my desk job...

This is nice because it's on my 2015 TBR Challenge List and I'm already about 130 pages in.  It is a mammoth book (notice how I avoided I obvious pun involving it being a whale of a book), so that's not saying a lot, but it's a good head-start...

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